ion Core

  • Trust
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity
  • Palma Virtuti

ion Promise

  • The best people
  • The best brands
  • The best solutions

ion mission

  • Innovative and intelligent business solutions
  • Connecting people
  • Transforming how business works

ion Vibe

  • We love our business and we love people
  • We love making a difference, doing things better and doing things smarter
  • We love unconventional
    and love having fun along the way

at ion we work with


What gets me excited is thinking about business, our business and your business, and how we can make them better together by working smart.

I’m proud of all that we have achieved to date and thank the extremely dedicated team members at ion and my partners for their commitment to our mission.

I have been in the business solutions industry for almost to 20 years and have cofounded numerous businesses in this space. I have business qualifications, but have found the greatest teacher to be the great game of business.

My family comes first, and I love spending time watching my kids participate in their chosen sporting activities. When I’m not doing that, you can find me at the gym or out on one of South East Queensland’s many beautiful beaches looking for a wave.


I am passionate about our business, and the exiting journey that we are on. Having recently relocated to Australia, my passion and enthusiasm for our new adventure in our adopted new land is barely containable! With Ion my partners and I get a second chance at creating the perfect office solutions company.

I mention second chance, as Ion Partner Andrew Gardner and I created a Fusion Office Automation business in South Africa during the 2000`s.

The lessons that we learned during the Fusion years were and remain invaluable in forming and shaping our vision for ion.

First and foremost, I am a proud dad and husband.
Outside of the office I am an avid paddler, fisherman, hiker, lifesaver and all round water sports enthusiast.


We want to create real relationships with clients and real teamwork.

Using technology to make people’s lives better and simpler is a very real drive for me.

I left the world of finance to work with friends on something special and what a journey it has been.

A collegiate team approach to business is, in my view, the only real lasting way to achieve success.

Prior to cofounding ion, I lead a corporate services and finance team in Dubai for one of the most reputable offshore law firms.

I am a qualified CA and ACMA, having previously I have worked for the Bank of Scotland, KPMG and Fortis Bank.

Business has taken me to New York, London, Sydney and Miami and almost everywhere in between, and in my view, nowhere is better than our corner of SE Queensland!

If I am not on the ion playing field, you will find me surfing, kitesurfing, getting my neck cranked at Jiu jitsu or playing with my kids.