What can ion smart business solutions do for you?

Easy, efficient, customised solutions

  • Improve user satisfaction and productivity: We create a print environment that delivers the most cost-effective mix of world-class devices, whilst maintaining or improving your user satisfaction and productivity
  • Make the process easy: We are here to help, offering a professional, reliable and responsive service that takes the bureaucracy away from dealing with major manufacturers
  • Create a customised solution: We install, move, add, change and dispose of your devices as required and provide ‘fit for purpose’ software, consumables and maintenance
  • Deliver savings and efficiencies: We will work with you to deliver the most efficient, cost-effective solution, exploring the option to buy back or manage your existing print devices and contracts to improve your bottom line

Expert support and compliance

  • Seamless transition: The ion team will support you to seamlessly manage the transition to your state-of-the-art devices
  • Offer reliable, responsive technical support: We promise you prompt, reliable support and service infrastructure for all devices and software
  • Reduce your environmental impact and energy consumption: Our state-of-the-art reporting helps you monitor and reduce waste, cost complexity and CO2 to improve your environmental and sustainability credentials
  • Improve your governance and compliance: We offer consolidated invoicing with detailed supporting data, reporting and account management
  • Increase your efficiency with smart solutions: We deliver software and hardware required for ‘follow me’, ‘secure scan’ and other management, tracking and invoicing tools to improve your team’s efficiency