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PIaaS is an end-to-end solution in which governmental or related organisations  use to gain the ability to print, copy, scan, and/or fax documents without having to own or lease any of the equipment or associated software which is supplied under this arrangement.  

Eligible organisations obtain significant financial benefits from appropriately managing and optimising costs associated with managed services. 

See the Queensland State Government Website

The Service involves the provisioning of hardware and software, consumables and maintenance and print management services.


  • Purchase or management of existing print devices that are currently owned or leased by the Customer
  • Service and support for multi-vendor print environments
  • Install, move, add, change and dispose of devices as required
  • Print environment optimisation that delivers the most cost effective mix of devices whilst maintaining user satisfaction and productivity
  • Provision of appropriate ‘fit for purpose’ devices, software, consumables and maintenance
  • Reliable support and service infrastructure for all devices and software
  • Consolidated invoicing with detailed supporting data
  • Software and hardware required for ‘follow me’, ‘secure scan’ and other management, tracking and invoicing tools
  • Audit and discovery assessments to provide a detailed ‘fit for purpose’ proposal based on the Customer’s needs
  • Reporting and account management


  • Lower your Schools total cost of ownership
  • Maintain and improve end-user satisfaction and productivity
  • Reduce your environmental impact and energy consumption
    Enhance efficiency and support a mobile workforce
  • Improved governance and compliance

The Queensland State Government has chosen RICOH for the Provision of Print and Imaging as-a-Service.

Sign in Systems

  • Quick Identity Verification and Onboarding.
  • Keeping track of who’s on-site can be complicated. Take away the pain with a comprehensive sign-in solution to manage visitor identity, pre-registrations, visitor policy awareness and security alerts.
  • Cloud sign-in solutions to make tracking people on site easier and more secure
  • Visitor Management, acknowledgements, tracking and reporting

Contractor management

Set up and manage contract and supplier profiles in minutes, record key contracts, when the contract expires, and which location within your organisation the contract applies to.

Ensure records are accurate and up-to-date by providing your contractors access to your Service Provider Portal to manage their information and upload documents.

You control what information your service providers can see, what they can edit, and what is entirely hidden from them.

  • Keep track of contractor qualifications, insurances and sign-ins.
  • Service provider portal
    Inductions & eLearning
    Access permissions
  • Expiry & Renewal Alerts
  • Take control of your workplace

Talk to the meeting and workspace specialists about cloud-based visitor management solutions.

Interactive Whiteboard Solutions for Education

As any educator knows, keeping the attention of the class and connecting with students can be a challenge.

Ricoh Interactive Whiteboard Solutions offer a way to engage, collaborate and create with the class, transforming your whiteboard into an interactive classroom. These economical and mobile solutions bring ideas to life.

Ricoh’s Interactive Whiteboard Solutions are as helpful as an extra you… or two.

The Whiteboard

Lightweight, portable and adaptable, Ricoh’s Interactive Whiteboard Solutions transform any flat, hard surface – including whiteboards, classroom or staffroom walls or even tabletops – into a powerful interactive workspace.

The Solutions will provide an interactive workspace of up to a 2.7 x 1.5 m space.

Interactive Whiteboard Solutions work with an ergonomic stylus and with Ricoh’s portable Ultra Short-Throw projector model, PJ WX4152N, which features high resolution to add clarity and a wider projected image.

The Solution

Interactive Whiteboard Solutions are the perfect way to engage students while encouraging interaction and sharing ideas.

With powerful and user-friendly interactive software, Interactive Whiteboard Solutions can be set up in seconds. Draw anything with the stylus using vibrant colours, or use productivity tools to help focus attention on your notes and ideas.

The Solutions include powerful tools, record and playback, multiple file formats, and integrated standard gallery functionality. You can even digitally capture handwritten notes to retrieve and share later.

Interactive Whiteboard Solutions are also totally portable and  you can use any existing surface, making the whiteboard completely mobile and offering excellent value for money with no additional assets required.


We also provide other brands of interactive hubs to suit your exact need.

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