Improving your team’s efficiency through effective printing solutions

When it comes to increasing workplace efficiencies, often improving printing solutions is overlooked as an effective way to reduce costs and boost overall productivity. Given that the majority of employees in your organisation are likely to use workplace printers in some capacity in their role, focusing on improving printing technology can provide a host of benefits.

In this blog, we outline some of the key benefits of implementing effective printing solutions in your workplace:

  1. Save time:

A multifunction printer integrates multiple features in a single device – allowing you to print, copy, scan and share documents quickly and easily. With the recent advancements in technology, printers now also have the functionality to turn document text into searchable data, increasing the accessibility of information for users.

  1. Professional print solutions on demand:

Thanks to innovative high-speed scanning and an extensive range of finishing options available on Ricoh’s range of printers, you can produce professional-looking printed documents every time, reducing the need to outsource professional document printing.

  1. Easy document storage:

Implementing an effective printing solution allows you to convert paper-based information to digital format for fast and convenient digital storage. Simply scan documents directly to your preferred cloud storage apps or private network.

  1. Improve data security:

By handling information digitally, you unlock faster, easier and better ways to store, access and use information day to day. Ricoh’s range of printers offer a range of built in standard multi-layered security features designed to keep your documents safe and secure.

  1. Improve sustainability and reduce costs:

The ability to easily scan documents from printing devices means less printing and less overall paper consumption, meaning your office can improve its sustainability efforts and save money at the same time!

  1. Seamless integration with new technology:

These days, business is conducted in many ways, including on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Adopting a printing solution that includes mobile-friendly printers and copiers, and has a fast connection, will boost your team’s productivity.

  1. Reduce the need for training:

New printers feature more intuitive technology and are more user friendly, meaning less time you need to invest in training your staff. Most modern printers feature touch screens, with a similar interface to tablets and smart phones, which most people find easy to use, therefore streamlining productivity.

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