Smart Solutions

Interactive Hubs and Whiteboards

Empower your onsite and mobile team members, clients or customers to be more engaged with you in meetings and document collaboration with our interactive hubs. Bundle these with our visual communication equipment and services for all-in-one solutions. Now, transform presentations and collaboration into modern interactive experiences that include touchscreen annotations, video and fast information sharing.

Simplify your office solutions by offering Interactive Whiteboards which automatically save your meeting notes digitally and a wide range of projectors for your meeting rooms

  • We cover budget installs to the most exorbitant and high tech
  • We have purpose built education boards
  • Work smart with an interactive whiteboard

Our selection of projectors can suit any office environment and increase efficiency with our range of interactive whiteboards.

Meeting rooms

Conference your way, with our dynamic video, audio and web conferencing solutions. Our work smart software and technology gives your business the power to connect and collaborate effectively.

We have dedicated teams to help you set up one touch, easy to use, multi technology, multiple user secure meeting rooms.

Manage your meeting rooms with bookings and simple sign in, eliminating ghost bookings and keeping your meeting rooms as flexible as your organisation!

As the flow of information in organizations increase, so does meetings and collaboration. No surprise, meeting rooms have become hard currency at today’s workplaces. Our room management solution simplifies room bookings, helps to avoid interrupted meetings and stolen meeting rooms, reduces ghost meetings and provides you with valuable insights about room usage – helping you to optimize your office spaces.

Vistor management

Cloud sign-in solutions to make tracking people on site easier and more secure.

Keeping track of who’s on-site can be complicated. Take away the pain with a comprehensive sign-in solution to manage visitor identity, pre-registrations, visitor policy awareness and security alerts.

Strengthen the security of your facilities and assets, and protect intellectual property by preventing unauthorised or threatening activity with robust visitor tracking and reporting.

Monitor the safe and secure movements of visitors through buildings and worksites. Scan, validate and increased confidence that only verified visitors gain access to your site.

With both real-time and historical reporting, our Visitor Management features give you the ability to meet compliance requirements and ensure the safety and security of your site visitors.

Make sure visitors have completed any relevant steps, such as acknowledging hazards or signing any waivers or NDAs, before being approved on-site.

  • Visitor badge passes
  • Pre-register visitors
  • Deliveries
  • Red flag alerts

Contractor Management

Set up and manage contract and supplier profiles in minutes, record key contracts, when the contract expires, and which location within your organisation the contract applies to.

Ensure records are accurate and up-to-date by providing your contractors access to your Service Provider Portal to manage their information and upload documents.

You control what information your service providers can see, what they can edit, and what is entirely hidden from them.

Keep track of contractor qualifications, insurances and sign-ins.

  • Service provider portal
  • Inductions & eLearning
  • Access permissions
  • Expiry & Renewal Alerts

Digital Signage

Inform, inspire, sell, help and interact with digital signage.

Make smarter use of information kiosks, lift screens and displays in common areas. Use your smartphone to control messages for your team, customers and site visitors as they go about their day.

Take control of your workplace

Talk to the meeting and workspace specialists about local server and cloud-based visitor management solutions.