Smart Solutions

Smart solutions

Innovative technologies to streamline your business operations.

Our team of experts helps you take control of your workplace by streamlining business operations using interactive hubs, collaborative whiteboards and online meeting rooms. We also have easy-to-use visitor management systems to manage onsite visitors and contractors and digital signage to engage with your customers and team.

Interactive Hubs and Whiteboards

Work more effectively and increase engagement with both your clients and onsite and remote team members with our cutting-edge interactive hubs. Being apart no longer means you can’t get together, whether via meetings or through efficient document collaboration — it’s never been easier to work together in real time.

Our interactive hubs allow you to launch sessions for multiple user locations across any web or video conference service, with an all-in-one collaboration hub offering interactive display, wireless connectivity, a conference camera and an audio system.

Increasing collaboration in meetings and working smarter is easier than ever before with Ricoh’s range of interactive whiteboards, that offer:

• An easy-to-use interface with built-in apps
• Simple connectivity
• Automatic saving of digital meeting notes
• Ideal hybrid working conditions, with multiple people able to write on the same screen

We can assist with everything from simple, cost-effective installs through to more complex, high-tech, customised solutions and offer a range of projectors to complement our interactive whiteboards and purpose-built education smart boards.

Meeting rooms

Conference your way, with our dynamic video, audio and web conferencing solutions. Our work-smart software and technology gives your business the power to connect and collaborate effectively with those who matter most to your business. We have dedicated teams to help you set up one-touch, easy-to-use, multi-technology and multiple-user secure meeting rooms.

Manage your meeting rooms more effectively with an easy booking and simple sign-in system and keep your meeting rooms as flexible as you are! Our room management solution simplifies room bookings, helps avoid interrupted meetings and ghost bookings and provides you with valuable insights about room usage – helping you to optimise your office spaces.

Vistor management

If you need an effective way to manage visitors to your business and track people onsite in an easy and secure way, we can help with our comprehensive cloud-based sign-in solutions. Our range of sign-in systems allows you to:

• Manage visitor identity and onboarding, including pre-registrations, visitor badge passes, visitor policy awareness and security alerts
• Meet compliance requirements by ensuring all visitors have completed the necessary inductions, signed waivers or NDAs
• Strengthen the security of your facilities and assets and protect intellectual property
• Manage and monitor the safety and security of visitors across buildings and worksites
• Prevent unauthorised access to your business
• Accurately track and report on visitor status, with both real-time and historical reporting

Contractor Management

Contractor management can be a complicated and time-consuming task. Speak to us about simplifying your contract management systems, allowing you to:

• Set up and manage contract and supplier profiles in minutes
• Register key contracts and contract expiry dates
• Record which location within your organisation the contract applies
• Ensure records are accurate and up-to-date by providing your contractors with access to your Service Provider Portal to manage their information and upload documents
• Control what information your service providers can see, what they can edit and what is content is hidden from them
• Keep track of contractor qualifications, insurances, completed inductions and e-learnings, access permissions and sign-ins

Digital Signage

Inform, inspire, interact, help and sell to your audience using state-of-the-art digital signage. Our range of signage options enables you to make smarter use of information kiosks, lift screens and displays in common areas.

Easily manage your messaging on your smartphone, ensuring valuable engagement with your team, customers and site visitors as they go about their day.

Take control of your workplace

Talk to the meeting and workspace specialists about local server and cloud-based visitor management solutions.