software solutions

Software solutions

Simplify and automate your business, go paperless, reduce costs and improve data security

We’ve worked with many businesses across Queensland and we know that digital transformation and improved efficiency starts with how you manage your documents, files, information and data. Our content and workflow solutions allow you to improve data collection, avoid expensive archiving invoices, and risk breaching the security of personal and business information.

Simplify and automate your business with document management software

With ion’s customisable document capture and distribution software, you will be able to remove invoice processing and manual data entry, while increasing employee productivity. ion’s document capture and distribution solutions help streamline your workflows by digitising data and sharing and distributing your data as required. Easily retrieve all related documents with one search; sort and filter to narrow searches for faster results and reduce manual document handling tasks with automated capture, indexing, routing and archiving.

Go Paperless

Time to eliminate the paper — and much of the work — from paperwork?  A paperless approach allows your business to:

  • Sign documents from anywhere and any device
  • No couriers, faxing or waiting
  • Do you want instant gratification? Quickly email documents for electronic signature
  • Full encryption and audit trail
  • Check the signing status and send reminders
  • Execute electronic agreements that are court-admissible
  • Eliminate the paper—and much of the work—from paperwork
  • Move your documents faster with less cost and fewer errors

Improve data security

In today’s world, having effective data security is critical for all businesses to protect sensitive data and avoid data breaches or misuse of information. Our device, data and document security solutions can help you protect your data to make sure the right information stays in the right hands. It’s what your customers expect.

We can help you reduce the risk of data security threats with capabilities such as:

  • Controlling worker access through authentication
  • Centralising audit capabilities
  • Managing digital rights by setting policies to block printing of sensitive information or to require watermarks
  • Analysing print streams for personally identifiable information and replacing it with “XXX”
  • Full encryption capabilities

Effective device management

We offer user-friendly software solutions to simplify a range of device and document management tasks. If you are looking to streamline the monitoring and management of your multifunction device fleet, we can help by:

  • Remotely managing your fleet of multifunction printers and scanners; performing upgrades, tracking meter usage, and more
  • Utilising user-friendly secure software to simplify device and document management tasks, including administration and reporting, MFP authentication, tracking and charge-back and mobile administration
  • Analysing customisable reports
  • Enhancing security
  • Securely releasing your print jobs from any device
  • Accounting for the costs and access of those using your devices, while setting quotas and rules around device use
  • Providing mobile printing convenience
  • Reducing service calls with automated upgrades which can be completed remotely and through Ricoh Intelligent Support

Connect and Collaborate

This software will change the way your office works remotely!