Telecoms Solutions

Telecoms solutions

Streamline your business communications

Decades of experience can help us improve and enhance your business connectivity with the right telecommunications systems. We offer an impressive range of business phone systems, remote work solutions, hosted cloud-based solutions, VoIP and solutions for the hybrid workplace.

Business Phone Systems

Whether you are a small local business or large multinational, our broad knowledge of business phone systems and expertise in the business solutions industry means that we can offer you the latest technology to find the perfect phone system for your business.

Importantly, your phone system needs to be able to scale with you, as your business grows. Our office phone systems run on-premise on Windows or Linux, with the option to migrate to cloud with a simple backup and restore.

We can customise a phone solution for you, based on your choice of phones, accessories, features and functionality. Get a complete, scalable, low-cost business phone system and eliminate the cost and management headaches of outdated systems.

Hosted cloud-based solutions

Most hosted PBX solution and VoIP providers leave you with a hefty bill and loss of control and flexibility. With our hosted PBX solutions, we take care of updates and monitoring and run your dedicated communication system with maximum flexibility, leaving you to focus on running your business.

Our hosted PBX also includes integrated video conferencing software, mobile apps for iOS and Android, website live chat, Facebook messaging integration and much more. We make it easy to migrate and will move your virtual PBX to a private cloud or on-premise solution, ensuring you keep control of your phone numbers and save with huge call cost reductions.

voip (voice over internet protocol)

VoIP is a business phone system in the cloud, helping you stay connected with your clients while gaining significant cost savings. VoIP is proven, reliable and SIP trunking offers flawless call quality at any level – even enterprise — provided you have access to high-speed internet.

Hybrid workplace

Collaboration and business intelligence in the hybrid workplace can be enhanced with an effective telecommunications strategy, giving your company a competitive advantage, improved productivity and reducing overall costs.

However, telecommunications technology is advancing at such a rate that it’s difficult for companies to separate the technology hype from the real, concrete business benefits that are critical to implementing the best telecommunications strategy.

At ion, we help our clients develop the right strategy to suit their needs by providing information on business phone systems and network services in an easy-to-understand format. We can work with you to ensure that your telecommunications strategy includes telephone systems hardware, carrier services such as PSTN, ISDN and data services as well as mobile services.