Intelligent support

Reduce service calls with automated upgrades and RICOH Intelligent Support.

Increase productivity with fewer interruptions.

Tap into real-time remote service with Remote Connect Support that gives your Ricoh service expert direct access to your device’s Smart Operation Panel (SOP) for quick diagnosis and resolution.

This helps reduce the need for onsite service and can minimise disruption to your team’s workflows.

IT managers can use the Remote Panel Operation tool to access their fleet utilising an intuitive web-based user interface — letting their in-house help desk resolve issues quickly and easily over the network.

Remote Connect Support can also expedite end-user training or assist users with programming function settings.

When an onsite service call is necessary, the Advanced Remote Mobile System (ARMS) provides your Ricoh service engineer with remote access to your device’s information helping to extend the life of your device, saving you valuable time while increasing your return on investment.

Automated Device Updates

To help keep you up and running, the Automatic Remote Firmware Update feature automatically updates your device with the latest firmware, helping to optimise your machine for maximum efficiency. Now, there’s no need to wait for technicians to make onsite service calls to update machines, saving you time with fewer interruptions. Plus, this feature automatically downloads the latest security patches for extra protection.

Automatic Toner replenishment

Our Simply Managed Automated Ricoh Toner (S.M.A.R.T) Delivery Program provides you with quality toner when you need it, saving you storage space, time and money whilst also supporting Ricoh’s green initiatives.

S.M.A.R.T Delivery Program features:

  • Reduce inventory costs and the burden of storing toner cartridges
  • Real time monitoring supports our green initiatives by eliminating wasted toner
  • No need to monitor your devices, our intelligent system does it for you

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