The advantages of automated workflow solutions

As Queensland’s fastest growing business solutions provider, ion smart business solutions has worked with many organisations to help transform their businesses through automated workflows and the implementation of smart solutions. We know that digital transformation and improved efficiency starts with how you manage your documents, files, information and data and as a Ricoh Official Business Partner, we’re here to help with a customised solution for you.

In this blog, we outline some of the advantages of implementing automated workflow solutions:

  1. Streamline document handling and storage:

An automated workflow solution allows you to easily retrieve all related documents with one search; sort and filter to narrow searches for faster results; and reduce manual document handling tasks with automated capture, indexing, routing and archiving. In addition to reducing file retrieval time and printing costs, it also frees up valuable storage space when searchable documents replace physical archive boxes. With Ricoh’s Intelligent Capture you can transform unstructured data into searchable, useful information by easily capturing, storing, managing, automating and optimising your business content.

  1. Improve data security

In today’s world, having effective data security is critical for all businesses to protect sensitive data and avoid data breaches or misuse of information. You don’t have to look very far across news platforms to find a plethora of businesses dealing with the fallout of a data breach and the impact it has on their customers and their brand reputation. Protecting your data is your responsibility so having a team of experts by your side to make sure the right information stays in the right hands is an essential part of operating a sound business. Speak to your business solutions provider or chat to our team to find out how you can reduce the risk of data security threats including capabilities such as controlling worker access through authentication, centralising audit capabilities and managing digital rights by setting policies to block printing of sensitive information.

  1. Simplify and automate your business

This might sound like too big a task, but working smarter by digitising your business work flow can completely transform how you and your team operate. Finding a smart customisable document capture and distribution software allows you to remove invoice processing and manual data entry, while increasing employee productivity. Document capture and distribution solutions also help streamline your workflows by digitising data allowing efficient sharing and distribution of your data as required. Speak to your provider or our ion team to find the best solution for your business and to get all the advice you need to make the transition.

  1. Reduce your environmental footprint

Managing paper documents in your business can be costly – whether it’s the hard cost of printing, storing, accessing and recovering files or the hours it takes your team members to manage and find relevant paperwork. With a digital document management and automated workflow system such as Docuware or one of the many solutions available in the market, you can go paperless and go green! Digitisation secures your information, increases your team’s productivity and efficiency (not to mention their headspace!) and can go a long way to reducing your environmental footprint.

ion smart business solutions is one of Queensland’s fastest growing business solutions providers and can assist with all your business and workflow solutions. Whether it’s state-of-the-art photocopiers, printers and scanners, collaborative technology to improve efficiency or supporting seamless transition to better workflow and a paperless office, we have the right solution for your business.

If you want to know more about how we can customise a smart business solution for your organisation, contact us on 1300 189 476 for an obligation free chat and we’ll come to you!